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LRA Leadership Institute

Through the LRA Leadership Institute, Lynn Reed Associates offers an array of superb, "off the shelf" executive development and management skills training programs, seminars and courses. Over the past 20 years, we have identified several core skills critical to the development of high-performing managers and leaders in organizations around the world. These programs build, develop, and refine these core skills, allowing leaders and managers to excel at the individual, team and organization levels.

Although these programs are "tried and true", we understand that you may have specific training requirements that require flexibility on our part.  We are always happy to customize any of our programs to accommodate our clients' specific requirements. Our thorough knowledge of the material and our superb group dynamics skills mean that we require minimal preparation and customization time.

Some of our clients leverage only our outstanding delivery skills by providing us with their material which we then deliver in an effective, engaging, fun and thoroughly refreshing manner.


Consult, Leadership Development in Lebanon, NJ