Consultants in Leadership, Creativity and Organizational Development



About Us

Our Role

We serve as a catalyst for change and performance improvement.  Our design approach incorporates the "what" and the "how," but it is our unique ability to integrate the "why" that sets us apart and provides superior long-term benefit for our clients.  The "why" represents the motivational elements that are key to generating lasting change in your organization.

Programs typically range from one to five days in duration, excluding preparation time. In terms of client satisfaction, we consistently receive the highest ratings for quality of work and overall value.  The average client rating for our services is "Excellent".

Typical events that we design and deliver include:
• Training & Development
• Meeting & Off-Site Facilitation
• Team-Building / Intervention
• Employee Engagement
• Keynote Addresses
• One-on-One Executive Coaching

Our Core Belief

Our core belief is that most clients do not need complex models, labor-intensive processes and projects, new systems or major "studies" to improve performance.  Rather, we believe that our clients' people are already capable of delivering solutions to the firm's problems, but lack the time, tools, or expertise to do so.  We provide simple frameworks and a different perspective to assist our clients in driving their organization to the next level of performance.

Our Objective

Lynn Reed Associates aims to create a genuine competitive advantage for our clients by enabling them to better leverage their people.  We enhance management skills via delivery of superior leadership and organizational development processes.

Our Focus

We facilitate the application of leadership tools and techniques to help management:

• Set Strategic Direction
• Improve the Performance of  People
• Increase Revenue
• Reduce Costs
• Develop New Product Ideas
• Reduce Cycle Times
• Enhance Client Focus
• Improve the Quality of Products
• Improve Process Efficiencies & Effectiveness

Our Associates

Every member of our team is an organizational development professional with more than 20 years of business experience.  Each is a true expert in her or his respective field.  Our shared values and focus on client delight ensure optimal results in every client engagement.

Our Commitment to Community 

We take pride in working toward improving the many communities we serve.  Our approach is to share our extensive training, teambuilding, creativity, and strategy development expertise with nonprofit organizations in need of such skills.  Our goal is to help these organizations become strong, innovative, strategically focused entities that are well-equipped and well-positioned to carry their mandates forward well into the future.