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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is a methodical approach to analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing information as a guide to action. In the real world business environment, critical thinking is frequently used to solve complex problems or identify opportunities to enhance performance.

Depending on the degree of complexity, Critical Thinking skills frequently include steps such as compiling and assessing information about the external environment including competitive strengths and weaknesses, defining clear objectives, developing creative approaches to achieving the objectives and developing plans for execution. Barrier management and measurement processes are critical to successful execution.

Advanced Business Skills

This highly intensive, five-day course is designed to improve skills in the areas of strategy development, critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, communications, and group dynamics. The application of program tools and techniques to real business issues in real time is a major part of the program design. The target audience for this program includes high-potential managers and future managers at all levels. This powerful, much-lauded program includes the full Six Thinking Hats* program (parallel thinking) and the full Lateral Thinking** (creativity) program and an "action learning" component.                                                    

 * Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats is a process that segments individual or group thinking leading to improved decision making, increased productivity, greater degrees of participation and buy-in and higher quality dialogue and decisions.  Significant increases in the efficiency and effectiveness of the thinking process lead to 50 - 75% reduction in meeting time and decision-making time.

** Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking is a set of tools and structured techniques to methodically develop creative thinking skills in order to develop truly innovative ideas and solutions. These powerful techniques enable individuals, teams and entire organizations to significantly improve their ability to develop creative ideas for new product development, process improvement, customer focus and a variety of applications.