Consultants in Leadership, Creativity and Organizational Development



Strategy Development

Our strategy development processes are customized two to three-day processes designed to engage team members and their management in a focused dialogue to clarify strategic direction and maximize buy-in and commitment to the process.  Major steps in the process typically include:

  • Assess the business environment including shifting market trends, customer preferences and direction of competitors
  • Define and clarify the mission, vision and value proposition of the organization
  • Develop short term and longer term strategy including goals, approaches, plans, measurement and barrier management processes
  • Ensure team effectiveness is optimized in terms of role clarity, working relationships among team members and communication processes across the organization
  • Build trust across the team and organization.

These processes are typically customized to meet the needs of each client. Process design may utilize presession surveys or interviews and psychometric instruments as appropriate. The process is frequently employed to develop strategic direction for an organization or to help accelerate a major transformation, starting with the senior management team. This process can be extended as a large group intervention to cover several hundred members of an organization as required.